Saturday, August 23, 2008

Montreal with Luke, Leo and Sue

I am here in Montreal visiting my son. What a beautiful city, and Luke lives on a beautiful tree lined street with stairways that curl down to the sidewalks.
We climbed the many steps to the top of Mount Royal and soaked up the amazing view. Last night we went out for poutine, I couldn't go home without having poutine!
We have walked miles of lovely streets and listened to music and shared a picnic in the park at the end of his street. Thank you Luke for generously taking your entire holiday to show me your fair city and share your love. It will be hard to go home and leave you here.
Also an amazing piece of serendipity happened months before I even decided to come to Montreal and visit Luke.
I do a compilation CD called Music For Coffee Beings and take submissions via on the internet. One of the submissions was from Kreshmir Herceg in Croatia. After choosing Kreshmir's song for the CD I received a call from his friend Leo, who lived in Canada and who offered to act as a liason with me, on Kreshmir's behalf. We shared many wonderful conversations on the phone, and I discovered he lived in Montreal and mentioned that my son was there.
One day when I decided to make my trip and told Leo about this, he offered to let me visit him and his wife at their lakeshore cabin.
I have just returned from three wonderful days at their cabin in Ste Adele.
I have to thank Sue and Leo for their generosity and kindness towards me. I had the most relaxing and pampered time at their beautiful cabin. I swam in the lake with Sue's Montreal friend Marielle, I hope I spelt that correctly, and I was able to canoe with Leo, on the tranquil waters. It was so perfect. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to make new friends who I am sure I will be in touch with for the rest of my life.
Thank you Leo and Sue for your kindness and open hearts.

Once again I feel so blessed and marvel at this phenomenal world I live in.