Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My COOP Radio Show With Melissa Endean

Last Sunday I did my first live radio show on COOP Radio, CFRO 102.7 fm. It was an episode of The Storytelling Show which airs every Sunday night from 9-10.
I first went on the show as a guest, with my daughter Beth. They talked to us about our music, Two Tall Women, and played some of our songs and I told a story as well.
I wanted to get involved with the show, as a volunteer, but lived too far away to make it a pracitical possibility.
Well now I am moving into the city and will only be 10 minutes away from the station.
I am a member of the Vancouver Society of Storytelling and in one of their newsletters there was a shout out for help with The Storytelling Show and I thought the time was right.
I went for a pot luck dinner with the women involved with the show, and suddenly I was given the dates for my shows and VOILA, I am on the air.
Last Sunday was a true joy, with Jeannie Mark acting as the tech for the show.
Singer/songwriter extroardinaire, Melissa Endean, came down to the studio for my first show.
We spoke of her beginnings in music and played songs from her current CD, Home Sweet Home and her new CD, Authentic, due out next year.
We also talked of The Very Vancouver Christmas CD, that Jenn Ashton of Rave On Studios has put together.

This is a seasonal compilation featuring local performers, Melissa among them.
I am honoured to be hosting The Very Vancouver Christmas Show at the Roxy in Vancouver on Dec 18th.
So, this past Sunday saw the realization of a life long dream, to have a radio show, (well a dream since I was 14 anyways.)
What was so wonderful for me was that I felt so comfortable, so at home, as if this was something I was meant to be doing. I am so grateful to those at COOP radio for this exciting opportunity to continue to grow and live the dream.


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
This is so inpiring to me, something to watch everyday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Visiting the Fish Hatchery and the Need For Nature

This past week I visited the Alouetter River Managements Fish Hatchery next to Alco Park here in beautiful Maple Ridge.
I took my kindergarten class there on a typically rainy day. It was wonderful to stand in the rain and watch the men holding up the chum, and the incredibly scarlet coloured sockeye, for us to see, as the Alouette River went tumbling by. The forest across the river was so peaceful and green.
My students asked lots of interesting questions and were excited to share their knowledge of salmon and their life cycle. They knew that they found their home stream by smell and so much more.
This trip was meaningful for me as I grew up on the banks of the Alouette, it was where I went to play as a child. Seeing the salmon come up stream to spawn each year was a part of my lifes rhythm.
Today it is difficult for some children to be connected to the earth and nature as they are not allowed outside to play. This brought to mind a video I had just seen on youtube and added to my PamelaSunshineTV channel as a favourite.
It speaks of Nature Deficit Disorder and how this is impacting the physical and mental health of children and in fact, humans as a whole. Children are not just running around playing outside, they are being put into organized sports, which is not the same.
I found it pretty fascinating so I thought I would add it here so visitors to my blog could share it too. There is a restorative power found in nature that brings peace into human life, green views bring stress levels down. We are hardwired to feel safe and open in nature.
Children are kept inside, often due to fears for their safety. We need to make efforts to get kids outside, to allow them to experience outside play. When outside, children can be free of being organized and are empowered to create their own experiences.
The outdoors can help to heal us and this video has some great information, I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My New Website, a Festival Booking and a Full House to Rent Out

Well so much is happening so fast.
Last Tuesday, my beautiful website for my children's performing was launched. I am Pamela Sunshine, when I sing and tell stories for children and my new site really expresses the spirit of what I do. I was extremely excited to see it online at last.

Then I got my first festival booking, The Surrey Childrens Festival on May 30th of 2009.
I will be telling stories in the Storytelling Tent. This is the first of many to come!

My daughter Claire, is going to spend some time in England, and actually booked her ticket two days ago. Even though I knew she was planning on going, it is still a shock to hear she has a date when she flies off, to live 6,000 miles away, she is my baby after all.
Because she if leaving that means I have a complete house to rent out when I move into Vancouver on December 1st. This makes life so much easier, and I am once again so grateful for the way things always fall into place so perfectly.

Monday, November 3, 2008

De-cluttering, is there such a word? It sure feels good!

Yesterday was spent sorting out boxes of stuff in my garage.
As I am moving into Vancouver in 4 weeks I am getting organized for the move.
I am renting out my house in Maple Ridge and have limited space to store my things as well as those of my children that have been left in my place while they live independantly.
I had a great day, cleared out an office space at the front of my garage, washing the window etc.
Then I moved Luke's things in there until he returns from Montreal in February.
I listed things on craigslist and happily gave away some track lighting we had in our gallery/shop in Alouette Arts many years ago.
I sold my piano for $100. a true gift as it works and sounds great. This one is a bit sad for me as the piano was bought for me by my parents when we moved to England when I was 17. It has 'The Arcade, Barnsley' written on it, my brother still lives near Barnsley, in Yorkshire. My father, who passed away in 2000, really encouraged my music and sacrificed a lot in order to pay for my lessons. Still, it is ok, because Darryle, who purchased the piano, had a father who played jazz, and he has always wanted to play the piano, so this is perfect.
I am grateful for such a productive day, I also sold four of my dining chairs and loaded up my car with things for the thrift store, and things I can take to school, art supplies, kids books etc, I teach morning kindergarten you see.
I discovered the Amazon widget, they actually emailed me about it, so I decided to add it to my blog to display and share the wonderful books I use the most to support me in my transformation.
These books have come to me in amazing ways, leapt out at me when I needed them. They brought me positive affirmations, visualization practices, meditation and morning pages. I am forever grateful to the authors of these books for sharing their insights and expressing ancient wisdom so well.
It feels so good to be clearing out the old, I have bags of recycling ready to go on Tuesday when our wonderful recycling society come to pick it up from the sidewalk. Thank you.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Rumi: Say I Am You (Sufi poem)

I have long enjoyed the poetry of Rumi, and love my little books containing his writing.
I was on YouTube and guided to this video.
This is such a beautiful and peaceful piece.
I offer it here for you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Living The Dream

I have discovered the Abraham videos on YouTube, with Esther Hicks and they are a constant inspiration to me as things magically fall into place for me.

The day I discovered them I got news of an apartment in Vancouver. I thought I was 12th on the waiting list and was surprised that one became available within 4 weeks.
It is in beautiful Coal Harbour, right near the water. I have been visualizing living in Vancouver and this is the perfect place for me. I am so grateful.
I move on Dec 1st and will be renting out me house in Maple Ridge, so let me know if you are looking for a place!
I also have office space in the Beaumont Studios on West 5th Ave in Vancouver. This has also been in my vision for my future. I am sharing space with the VOCAL BOOTH. This is a vibrant community of artists. There is a great theatre space at the Beaumont and I look forward to producing music showcases there.
Yesterday I met with Johnnie Wray, the web designer for my new Pamela Sunshine site. It should be up within days. I decided while talking with him, that I would do a Pamela Sunshine blog.
Pamela Sunshine is the name I am using for my children's entertainment, stories and songs, especially focussing on my new Growing Up Green CD. So please visit my new Pamela Sunshine blog if you feel so inclined.
The newly recorded title song from the CD can be heard there as well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Montreal with Luke, Leo and Sue

I am here in Montreal visiting my son. What a beautiful city, and Luke lives on a beautiful tree lined street with stairways that curl down to the sidewalks.
We climbed the many steps to the top of Mount Royal and soaked up the amazing view. Last night we went out for poutine, I couldn't go home without having poutine!
We have walked miles of lovely streets and listened to music and shared a picnic in the park at the end of his street. Thank you Luke for generously taking your entire holiday to show me your fair city and share your love. It will be hard to go home and leave you here.
Also an amazing piece of serendipity happened months before I even decided to come to Montreal and visit Luke.
I do a compilation CD called Music For Coffee Beings and take submissions via Sonicbids.com on the internet. One of the submissions was from Kreshmir Herceg in Croatia. After choosing Kreshmir's song for the CD I received a call from his friend Leo, who lived in Canada and who offered to act as a liason with me, on Kreshmir's behalf. We shared many wonderful conversations on the phone, and I discovered he lived in Montreal and mentioned that my son was there.
One day when I decided to make my trip and told Leo about this, he offered to let me visit him and his wife at their lakeshore cabin.
I have just returned from three wonderful days at their cabin in Ste Adele.
I have to thank Sue and Leo for their generosity and kindness towards me. I had the most relaxing and pampered time at their beautiful cabin. I swam in the lake with Sue's Montreal friend Marielle, I hope I spelt that correctly, and I was able to canoe with Leo, on the tranquil waters. It was so perfect. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to make new friends who I am sure I will be in touch with for the rest of my life.
Thank you Leo and Sue for your kindness and open hearts.

Once again I feel so blessed and marvel at this phenomenal world I live in.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Give up competing with yourself and accept the honesty of your efforts."

This is the quote at the end of my yoga practice this morning.

At 6:00 there is a great yoga practice on television. A great way to start the day.

This quote seems particularly appropriate right now as I feel I have so much to do in all the areas of my life, the home, the work, the garden.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beginning the blogging process

There always has to be the first word.
I have been thinking of blogging for a while. I started one that promotes and supports women in music. I work hard and with devotion to promoting independant artists in various ways.
That blog, violetfemmesmusic, does not risk any personal judgement, I am not speaking about my life or life view.
In this blog I hope to find a way to speak openly about the transformations that have blessed my life and by doing so help others manifest their dreams.
I have a blessed life and believe "everything happens in Divine right order, so now must be the time for me to start my personal blog.

I really was inspired to blog by Zen Habits, a blog mentioned in a newsletter I received in my inbox from Bob Baker at Buzz Factor.

From Zen Habits I learned of a book called 'Getting Things Done" by David Allen. I was going to request it from the library but there were 29 people ahead of me, so I went and bought it.

This book created huge shifts in my world. As I went through the process of organizing my inbox, I felt like I was on a reality TV show, without the supportive host holding my hand.
As I went through the steps outlined by David, things started to happen in my life:
-a powerwashing ad appeared on my mailbox, I phoned up and voila, my house was powerwashed and the gutters and outside windows were cleaned
-I called about getting my fence fixed, ( a bear had crashed through on its way to the forest) and it too was done, this job had been on the 'list' for a year.
-my daughter suggested a painting party to get my living room and hall/stairs painted, I had been overwhelmed with the idea of doing this alone, and YES, all my kids turned up and helped paint my home in exchange for a wonderful Sunday dinner.
-as I ate dinner one night, the phone rang and it was carpet cleaners, they came and did my carpets for a great fee.

As all this was happening, I worked through my inbox, a pile 4X4 on the carpet,and two feet high.
This was a cathartic experience.
I did everything the book suggested, bought a labeller, lots of files and the first day was taken up just reorganising all my files in to alphabetical order.

Now all my 'stuff' is filed, I have files for jobs to do on the phone, while on the computer and an errands file for jobs to do when out of the house.

I also joined weightwatchers with my daughter during this time and she has lost 25 lbs and I have lost 12.
I eat so much more healthily now and feel wonderful.

Another serendipidous thing was that my basement suite tenants gave their notice and I decided not to rent out my space anymore. I decided to move my office into my basement and make it pay the rent.
I have painted it beautiful inspiring colours and as I was working on the painting, I was guided to Craigs List and an L shaped desk that was for sale just around the corner from my home, a great deal and so close and convenient. Thank you is all I could say to the Universe that supports us all.

These little miracles have been occuring all around me as I change my thoughts and expectations. I am grateful for all the guidance I receive.

This is just one of the wonderful books that have helped me change and grow.
I will share more of the amazing books that writers have gifted to the world another time.
Thanks for reading.
Affirm, 'I am willing to change"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today we had snow, so much that it was declared a snow day, a day off work. I only work mornings, but this time off work brought unexpected ideas and inspiration.

I had this blog page set up last year and did not know how to get started on it. I did begin a blog focussed on my passion for music, which was easy to do. I really wanted to write a blog about my own life and ideas and this was more of a challenge to me.

Today I opened an email from Bob of Buzz Factor and he had a link to Zen Habits, a blog by Leo in Guam. He was declaring his ability to quit his job and blog full time.

This inspired me to get started on my open and honest communication blog.

He also had great articles on Getting Things Done, and so I have detemined to clear my inbox today.

I will let you know how it went, and who knows, there may be another snow day tomorrow.