Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beginning the blogging process

There always has to be the first word.
I have been thinking of blogging for a while. I started one that promotes and supports women in music. I work hard and with devotion to promoting independant artists in various ways.
That blog, violetfemmesmusic, does not risk any personal judgement, I am not speaking about my life or life view.
In this blog I hope to find a way to speak openly about the transformations that have blessed my life and by doing so help others manifest their dreams.
I have a blessed life and believe "everything happens in Divine right order, so now must be the time for me to start my personal blog.

I really was inspired to blog by Zen Habits, a blog mentioned in a newsletter I received in my inbox from Bob Baker at Buzz Factor.

From Zen Habits I learned of a book called 'Getting Things Done" by David Allen. I was going to request it from the library but there were 29 people ahead of me, so I went and bought it.

This book created huge shifts in my world. As I went through the process of organizing my inbox, I felt like I was on a reality TV show, without the supportive host holding my hand.
As I went through the steps outlined by David, things started to happen in my life:
-a powerwashing ad appeared on my mailbox, I phoned up and voila, my house was powerwashed and the gutters and outside windows were cleaned
-I called about getting my fence fixed, ( a bear had crashed through on its way to the forest) and it too was done, this job had been on the 'list' for a year.
-my daughter suggested a painting party to get my living room and hall/stairs painted, I had been overwhelmed with the idea of doing this alone, and YES, all my kids turned up and helped paint my home in exchange for a wonderful Sunday dinner.
-as I ate dinner one night, the phone rang and it was carpet cleaners, they came and did my carpets for a great fee.

As all this was happening, I worked through my inbox, a pile 4X4 on the carpet,and two feet high.
This was a cathartic experience.
I did everything the book suggested, bought a labeller, lots of files and the first day was taken up just reorganising all my files in to alphabetical order.

Now all my 'stuff' is filed, I have files for jobs to do on the phone, while on the computer and an errands file for jobs to do when out of the house.

I also joined weightwatchers with my daughter during this time and she has lost 25 lbs and I have lost 12.
I eat so much more healthily now and feel wonderful.

Another serendipidous thing was that my basement suite tenants gave their notice and I decided not to rent out my space anymore. I decided to move my office into my basement and make it pay the rent.
I have painted it beautiful inspiring colours and as I was working on the painting, I was guided to Craigs List and an L shaped desk that was for sale just around the corner from my home, a great deal and so close and convenient. Thank you is all I could say to the Universe that supports us all.

These little miracles have been occuring all around me as I change my thoughts and expectations. I am grateful for all the guidance I receive.

This is just one of the wonderful books that have helped me change and grow.
I will share more of the amazing books that writers have gifted to the world another time.
Thanks for reading.
Affirm, 'I am willing to change"

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