Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My COOP Radio Show With Melissa Endean

Last Sunday I did my first live radio show on COOP Radio, CFRO 102.7 fm. It was an episode of The Storytelling Show which airs every Sunday night from 9-10.
I first went on the show as a guest, with my daughter Beth. They talked to us about our music, Two Tall Women, and played some of our songs and I told a story as well.
I wanted to get involved with the show, as a volunteer, but lived too far away to make it a pracitical possibility.
Well now I am moving into the city and will only be 10 minutes away from the station.
I am a member of the Vancouver Society of Storytelling and in one of their newsletters there was a shout out for help with The Storytelling Show and I thought the time was right.
I went for a pot luck dinner with the women involved with the show, and suddenly I was given the dates for my shows and VOILA, I am on the air.
Last Sunday was a true joy, with Jeannie Mark acting as the tech for the show.
Singer/songwriter extroardinaire, Melissa Endean, came down to the studio for my first show.
We spoke of her beginnings in music and played songs from her current CD, Home Sweet Home and her new CD, Authentic, due out next year.
We also talked of The Very Vancouver Christmas CD, that Jenn Ashton of Rave On Studios has put together.

This is a seasonal compilation featuring local performers, Melissa among them.
I am honoured to be hosting The Very Vancouver Christmas Show at the Roxy in Vancouver on Dec 18th.
So, this past Sunday saw the realization of a life long dream, to have a radio show, (well a dream since I was 14 anyways.)
What was so wonderful for me was that I felt so comfortable, so at home, as if this was something I was meant to be doing. I am so grateful to those at COOP radio for this exciting opportunity to continue to grow and live the dream.


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
This is so inpiring to me, something to watch everyday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Visiting the Fish Hatchery and the Need For Nature

This past week I visited the Alouetter River Managements Fish Hatchery next to Alco Park here in beautiful Maple Ridge.
I took my kindergarten class there on a typically rainy day. It was wonderful to stand in the rain and watch the men holding up the chum, and the incredibly scarlet coloured sockeye, for us to see, as the Alouette River went tumbling by. The forest across the river was so peaceful and green.
My students asked lots of interesting questions and were excited to share their knowledge of salmon and their life cycle. They knew that they found their home stream by smell and so much more.
This trip was meaningful for me as I grew up on the banks of the Alouette, it was where I went to play as a child. Seeing the salmon come up stream to spawn each year was a part of my lifes rhythm.
Today it is difficult for some children to be connected to the earth and nature as they are not allowed outside to play. This brought to mind a video I had just seen on youtube and added to my PamelaSunshineTV channel as a favourite.
It speaks of Nature Deficit Disorder and how this is impacting the physical and mental health of children and in fact, humans as a whole. Children are not just running around playing outside, they are being put into organized sports, which is not the same.
I found it pretty fascinating so I thought I would add it here so visitors to my blog could share it too. There is a restorative power found in nature that brings peace into human life, green views bring stress levels down. We are hardwired to feel safe and open in nature.
Children are kept inside, often due to fears for their safety. We need to make efforts to get kids outside, to allow them to experience outside play. When outside, children can be free of being organized and are empowered to create their own experiences.
The outdoors can help to heal us and this video has some great information, I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My New Website, a Festival Booking and a Full House to Rent Out

Well so much is happening so fast.
Last Tuesday, my beautiful website for my children's performing was launched. I am Pamela Sunshine, when I sing and tell stories for children and my new site really expresses the spirit of what I do. I was extremely excited to see it online at last.

Then I got my first festival booking, The Surrey Childrens Festival on May 30th of 2009.
I will be telling stories in the Storytelling Tent. This is the first of many to come!

My daughter Claire, is going to spend some time in England, and actually booked her ticket two days ago. Even though I knew she was planning on going, it is still a shock to hear she has a date when she flies off, to live 6,000 miles away, she is my baby after all.
Because she if leaving that means I have a complete house to rent out when I move into Vancouver on December 1st. This makes life so much easier, and I am once again so grateful for the way things always fall into place so perfectly.

Monday, November 3, 2008

De-cluttering, is there such a word? It sure feels good!

Yesterday was spent sorting out boxes of stuff in my garage.
As I am moving into Vancouver in 4 weeks I am getting organized for the move.
I am renting out my house in Maple Ridge and have limited space to store my things as well as those of my children that have been left in my place while they live independantly.
I had a great day, cleared out an office space at the front of my garage, washing the window etc.
Then I moved Luke's things in there until he returns from Montreal in February.
I listed things on craigslist and happily gave away some track lighting we had in our gallery/shop in Alouette Arts many years ago.
I sold my piano for $100. a true gift as it works and sounds great. This one is a bit sad for me as the piano was bought for me by my parents when we moved to England when I was 17. It has 'The Arcade, Barnsley' written on it, my brother still lives near Barnsley, in Yorkshire. My father, who passed away in 2000, really encouraged my music and sacrificed a lot in order to pay for my lessons. Still, it is ok, because Darryle, who purchased the piano, had a father who played jazz, and he has always wanted to play the piano, so this is perfect.
I am grateful for such a productive day, I also sold four of my dining chairs and loaded up my car with things for the thrift store, and things I can take to school, art supplies, kids books etc, I teach morning kindergarten you see.
I discovered the Amazon widget, they actually emailed me about it, so I decided to add it to my blog to display and share the wonderful books I use the most to support me in my transformation.
These books have come to me in amazing ways, leapt out at me when I needed them. They brought me positive affirmations, visualization practices, meditation and morning pages. I am forever grateful to the authors of these books for sharing their insights and expressing ancient wisdom so well.
It feels so good to be clearing out the old, I have bags of recycling ready to go on Tuesday when our wonderful recycling society come to pick it up from the sidewalk. Thank you.