Friday, November 7, 2008

My New Website, a Festival Booking and a Full House to Rent Out

Well so much is happening so fast.
Last Tuesday, my beautiful website for my children's performing was launched. I am Pamela Sunshine, when I sing and tell stories for children and my new site really expresses the spirit of what I do. I was extremely excited to see it online at last.

Then I got my first festival booking, The Surrey Childrens Festival on May 30th of 2009.
I will be telling stories in the Storytelling Tent. This is the first of many to come!

My daughter Claire, is going to spend some time in England, and actually booked her ticket two days ago. Even though I knew she was planning on going, it is still a shock to hear she has a date when she flies off, to live 6,000 miles away, she is my baby after all.
Because she if leaving that means I have a complete house to rent out when I move into Vancouver on December 1st. This makes life so much easier, and I am once again so grateful for the way things always fall into place so perfectly.

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