Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My COOP Radio Show With Melissa Endean

Last Sunday I did my first live radio show on COOP Radio, CFRO 102.7 fm. It was an episode of The Storytelling Show which airs every Sunday night from 9-10.
I first went on the show as a guest, with my daughter Beth. They talked to us about our music, Two Tall Women, and played some of our songs and I told a story as well.
I wanted to get involved with the show, as a volunteer, but lived too far away to make it a pracitical possibility.
Well now I am moving into the city and will only be 10 minutes away from the station.
I am a member of the Vancouver Society of Storytelling and in one of their newsletters there was a shout out for help with The Storytelling Show and I thought the time was right.
I went for a pot luck dinner with the women involved with the show, and suddenly I was given the dates for my shows and VOILA, I am on the air.
Last Sunday was a true joy, with Jeannie Mark acting as the tech for the show.
Singer/songwriter extroardinaire, Melissa Endean, came down to the studio for my first show.
We spoke of her beginnings in music and played songs from her current CD, Home Sweet Home and her new CD, Authentic, due out next year.
We also talked of The Very Vancouver Christmas CD, that Jenn Ashton of Rave On Studios has put together.

This is a seasonal compilation featuring local performers, Melissa among them.
I am honoured to be hosting The Very Vancouver Christmas Show at the Roxy in Vancouver on Dec 18th.
So, this past Sunday saw the realization of a life long dream, to have a radio show, (well a dream since I was 14 anyways.)
What was so wonderful for me was that I felt so comfortable, so at home, as if this was something I was meant to be doing. I am so grateful to those at COOP radio for this exciting opportunity to continue to grow and live the dream.

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