Thursday, September 12, 2013

Harrison Hot Springs Adventure on Labour Day Weekend.

After an arduous trip involving an oil leak in my VW bug, nearly getting left behind in Maple Ridge and a detour round a shooting in Albion, we made it to Harrison Hot Springs on the Saturday of the Labour Day Weekend.  We travelled directly from the Tsawwassen terminal and hoped to arrive in time to catch the last act on at Bands on the Beach as my brother in law Chris was part of the band.
We did it, after a stop over in Mission for one of Laura's delicious lunches, (late due to the detours etc.)
Here is the view from my sister Geri's balcony. Len had a similar view as he was directly below her in the fabulous Harrison Beach Hotel.
I was booked into the beautiful Blackberry Lane B&B and it was heavenly. It is ten minutes from the lake and technically in Agassiz. As you can see it is a farmhouse set in the fertile valley land.

This was my view the first morning after a wonderful nights sleep. I saw the sun rise over the mountains.

Marlene is a hostess extraordinaire. She creates a serene atmosphere and her furnishings and huge soaker tub were what the doctor ordered for me. Truly relaxing after the stress of worrying about my car etc.

There is a great menu for breakfast and she brings a tray up to your room. Delightful. Here is my breakfast from the first morning. :-)

Bands on the Beach was a huge success and here is a picture of The Gords as they perform. This has to be one of the best backdrops ever for a stage at a festival. The natural beauty that is a short drive from my door never fails to astound me. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to visit Harrison with my wonderful family and to take in the great music over the weekend. Thanks go out to Todd Richard who was instrumental in organizing this event and put on a stellar show both days.

 Monday morning we headed back to Maple Ridge and it felt good to get home after a hectic but wonderful summer on Mayne Island.