Saturday, December 7, 2013

Airports and Railway Stations

Vancouver Airport is full of surprises. The departure lounge had such amazing art on display. It was all fresh to me.
After passing through the security gates I had to stop and take some pictures of the great carvings. 

Just past these amazing pieces of first nations art and the water feature beside it, I came upon a big tank containing fish, it was so unexpected. 
I got a window seat and my flight left at 9:00 at night, so I was hoping to get some sleep, and I did. 

I travelled with Canadian Affair/Air Transat and they always gave us dinner and also a free glass of wine. Very unusual nowadays.  We had a nice continental breakfast a few hours before we touched down in London Gatwick.

I was pretty lucky to travel when I did as the day after I arrived it was windy and stormy and the airports closed down.  Also the east coast suffered from flooding and the highest tide surge since 1953.  
From Gatwick I caught the train to St. Pancreas Station. There were some great London sights along the way. I actually caught sight of Canary Wharf and suddenly saw the London Bridge on the Thames. I managed to get a quick picture.

St Pancreas Station was an amazing building. 

I walked across the street to Kings Cross and once again I was surprised by the architectureal features, both modern and old. 

At Kings Cross I caught the train to Kings Lynn, where I used to live in 1971.  It is so hard to believe it was over forty years ago. :-)

At Cambridge we were told to move into the front four coaches of the train as the train was being split.  We ran up to the front four coaches and they were packed. lol  

At Ely lots of people got out and we got to sit down for the remainder of the journey.  It was quite an emotional moment when we pulled into Downham Market as I taught there for so many years. 
Kings Lynn station hadn't chaged and I was so excited when my friend Andy arrived to pick me up.

Here is the cafe that looks just the same as when I used to commute to Downham every day as a new teacher.  
I arrived to a house full, celebrating a birthday and I have had a magical time here in Terrington St Clements.  

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