Monday, January 13, 2014

Up North To Lancashire and My Sister

After a fabulous visit with my dear friend San, we bid each other farewell and Denny took me to Bristol Meads Station. Once again lots of changes were involved  on my jouney up north. First the trek from Bristol to Birmingham, then Birmingham to Preston. 
I took some pictures in Preston.

  Here is the platform as we stood waiting for the connection to Kirkham, which was late. 
I was travelling very light and quite proud I managed to fit all I needed into one travelling bag and my purse. 
Finally our connection came. It was a very cold evening and we were happy to see it. On the train from Preston to Kirkham, there were happy Christmas revellers who were singing songs and full of the Christmas Spirit, it was very joyful.  

My sister and brother in law met me at Kirkham on a chilly December evening.
It was so great to see them, and this was to be the first Christmas together for over 25  years.  I was only here for a few days and then planned to go see my Mum for a week.  My brother was then coming to see Mum and pick me up and drive us over to Geraldine's on the Sunday before Christmas.  Steven's sister was also coming up from London for Christmas along with Geraldine's two sons. 

When we arrived at Geraldine and Steve's we were met at the door by their lovely golden Labrador, Ellie, the best dog in the world. I got to go out on a walk with her and Steve in the lanes of Elswick, their little village. Meagles Lane is such a lovely name.

It is surrounded by farms and fields and is very peaceful and beautiful.

 The village is also very pretty.

My sister is a talented weaver and spinner of wool.  She dyes the wool herself and spins it ready for weaving.  Many years ago when we all lived in Canada, she began weaving with the Whonnock Weavers.  My cousin in England did a family tree and we discovered that our ancestors were actually cottage weavers in Yorkshire generations ago.  I love the magic of these kinds of discoveries, how family traits and talents are passed on unknowingly. 
Here is some wool she dyed.

And here is her beautiful spinning wheel.

She has two looms, but this is the one set up in the sun room and the one she is currently working on.
I was only with them for a few days and then I headed off on another train journey, this time to Bridlington to see my wonderful mother.  
To be continued . . . .


Hors D'oovers said...

Wonderful journey Pam! Thanks for sharing it with us! (Alisa Clarke)

Pam Carr said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment Alisa