Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wind, Waves and Sandy Lane.

The walk from Brentwood House to the Sandy Lane Home can take me through the centre of town or I can detour down to the promenade and walk along the beach.  The promenade in Bridlington is quite beautiful.

Even in the middle of December I often met couples walking together enjoying the wind in their faces.  
Also people could be seen with  their dogs, who loved to be set loose to run  on the beach and to splash in the waves.
It is always so beautiful, whatever the weather to walk along the North Bay. The sands are golden. Since I was last here, there seem to be so many more pebbles and rocks covering the sands.  
As I visited my mum twice a day; once in the afternoon when she was sitting in the lounge with all the ladies, and again in the evening when we were tucked away in her bedroom, usually watching telly, I had time to `enjoy both the townscapes and the sea-views.
This row of hotels is typical of those you find in Bridlington.  These ones are at a right angle with the prom.
I passed this magnificent church every day.  
The view off to Flamborough Head is quite wonderful.
It is an eight mile promontory between Filey and Bridlington bays The chalk cliffs are home to thousands of sea birds, and the cliffs are apparently of international importance because of their geology.  
It is a great walk along the shore to Sewerby  Park, and my mum loved to go there when she could walk distances. It is en route to Flamborough Head.
My Mum is a twin and it is quite special to be able to go and visit her and know that she is in the same home as my Aunty.  They always sit beside each other in the lounge.  This lounge has a spectacular view over the bay and they are so lucky to have such a gorgeous  location.  This particular home is excellent in the care they shower on the residents. It meets her needs perfectly. She feels completely safe and protected here.  She suffers from anxiety and short term memory loss and and they understand her needs so well.
One day my cousin, whom I hadn't seen for years, visited my aunty and brought along his daughter and daughter-in-law. They each brought their young children, one was a year old and  the other was eighteen months.
It was amazing how the presence of the small children brought light and enrgy into the residents, not just my aunty and my Mum.  They were singing nursery rhymes with them and clapping hands along with the toddlers

When not visiting my Mum I managed to get some of my Christmas shopping done and take in some of the seasonal sights of Bridlington.  More of that in the next post.

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