Monday, April 29, 2013

First Morning on the Patio

The sun was shining Friday morning and it was warm enough for me to have breakfast outside on the patio. During the week  I had bought some new flowers and it was lovely to gaze at them while I was drinking my tea

Thursday  I had a meeting with my supervisor about my thesis proposal for my Masters and I plan to make the necessary changes and have it finished.

I'm going over to Mayne Island for the weekend and can't wait to see the changes to my site.  A couple of  trees have being cut down and a space is been cleared for my friend Lou to build a shed for the wood. He is going to mill the wood from the trees on my property and we will place it in the shed for drying.  It is great that we plan to use the trees that I had to have cut down to clear the site in the building as flooring upstairs, studs for the upstairs and for the beams and rafters. 

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