Monday, April 29, 2013

Mayne Island Retreat and Mount Park

This past weekend I went over to my property on Mayne Island.  I have a little trailer there and this is where I plan to build my cob house this summer.

The power to my trailer currently comes from an extension cord attached to my power pole and I am so grateful to have it as I can heat my place and plug in a small fridge that sits on the deck outside my door.

I love it here, the big deck fills with sunshine and I can sit out there and have my breakfast overlooking the trees.

On Sunday there was a book launch for three women from the Gulf Islands. I thought is was at four, but when I turned up at the Community Centre no one was around. I checked out the poster, it was 4:30.

Time to kill.  So I took this gift of time and drove up the little street that led to Mount Park.  I had never been to this particular part of the island.  What a beautiful treasure it is.

A short way up the trail there is a pond. :-)

Roots carpet the earth as you travel up the trail. Step up ahead are so inviting.

Thank you Mary for your generous gift. You brought peace and light to my afternoon.

It was almost like being at home in Maple Ridge, but there is a drier feel to things here.
I only got to walk part of the trail as I had to get back for the book launch, but I will be back next time I am on Mayne Island.
The book launch is another story.

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