Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moving on with a new title, My Beautiful Life.

Someone recently suggested that I should do some inspirational writing. I immediately sensed resistance to this idea. Very interesting.
I started this blog just to do that. It was a couple of years ago and I have found it quite a challenge to blog here on a regular basis.
Where is the source of my resistance.
My life is amazingly rich and blessed.  I journal daily and over the past year I have been introduced to kirtan chanting which has been such a gift in my life. I also started a Transformational Leadership Certification course online. Things are going just great.
I sing songs I have written for others and easily speak before others as I do presentations and workshops.
So I ask myself, Why do I have this difficulty about writing in order to share my learnings and life experiences with others?

The past two weeks have been a real lesson to me as messages supporting my doing this kind of work have been absolutely pouring into my life from all directions. Synchronicity is so magical.

It makes me feel quite foolish as my blocks seem so insignificant now as I look back.
I look forward to sharing some of the messages and teachings I have received over the past weeks.
I know I am excited.
I have a new name for my blog now, and I just have to talk to godaddy to get the url set up to connect here. For now it is pamsbeautifullife.blogspot and that is just fine.

What I visualize is a home for all my activities, all the many facets of my beautiful life :-)
I can have pages and links to my music and my cob house plans. Also I can post my art and teaching experiences here as well.
So, it is exciting to be here and not to feel so hesitant about my writing.

I have just finished a Writing course at SFU, the last course of my Masters of Arts in Education. I am on to my thesis now, :-) More about that in the future.
 Our amazing writing professor invited the whole class down to her cabin in the States, it was such a great drive down the beautiful Chuckanut. We had sunshine and a day filled with presentations, fire building, gardening projects and lots of good food, conversation and laughter.
I thought I would share a picture of her cute cabin for you to see. She has three acres under the cedars and has put in gorgeous gardens.

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Rave On Studio said...

Love this Pam!! Excited to hear about your thesis ;-)