Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend On Mayne Island

I had a wonderful weekend away on Mayne Island.  I have a little trailer there and this property is where I am going to be building a cob house this summer.
The reason for me spending the past weekend there was to meet with Elliot who is helping with the foundations. We poured over the house plans spread across my picnic table and it was in interesting process unpacking the information hidden in the plans. :-)

I managed to fit in a ninety minute walk down to the Farm Gate Store and got some organic produce and some Avalon milk, which I am sure began it's life here in Maple Ridge.

The owners of this store actually built a cob house on their Deaconvale Farm with Cobworks. They are also on facebook. 

I had a lovely barbecue with friends on Saturday and then met with Rudi who is going to put a new tin roof on my shed and I am transforming it into a washroom for us to use as we are building the house this summer. Elliot has also agreed to build me an outside shower so we will have two showers, a bath (hopefully) and a swish new composting toilet I bought several months ago. We will be civilized as the work parties mix cob and raise the walls.

A plus to the weekend was getting some serious reading done towards my Masters thesis. I sat out on my deck in the sunshine and read all about qualitative research.
I am happy to be home now and looking forward to my day with my students. I have been granted a years long term leave from school and I am currently planning my travelling schedule.  It will be a year of travel and writing.

I had lots of time for meditating over the weekend and came up with a weekly schedule for blogging during my week off. Today is day 1. If things go according to plan I will be posting a blog on My Beautiful Life every Monday. :-) 

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Amber said...

I love the name you chose for your blog. I hope that we'll meet in person when you're on Mayne Island.
Amber Harvey