Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Stroll in Port Haney and My Song About Growing Up Here.

Last night the sun came out and invited me to go for a stroll. I live right on the Fraser Heritage walkway

I sauntered down to the Fraser river. The cloud formations were fantastic and the river looked beautiful
The beautiful Fraser River at Port Haney

The first thing I came upon after going through the underpass tunnel was an ironwork sculpture of flowers which is the worse for wear and tear. But it was heartwarming to see it because it was made by my ex-husband many years ago, when he was the artist in residence.
Metal Sculpture with horse shoes by Colin Southwell.

I walked across the tracks down to the wharf and enjoyed the river views.

 I walked back across the tracks and across River Road to the new pizza restaurant beside the old Billy Miner pub.
The Billy Miner Pizza Cafe

 It was great to see old friends sitting out on the patio enjoying their evening meal and I stopped and had a visit with Bernice and Don. I updated them with all the family news. They asked about Beth's concert in Vancouver. It is so nice to have all this history with the community here. Beth used to work at the Billy years ago, when Bernice and Don owned it. Great memories.
I went into the off sales for some cider. There is such a wonderful atmosphere in the Billy Miner Ale House, home to the Sunday Night Jam.

I am so lucky to be able to walk out my door and enjoy the walk to the Fraser River past the old heritage Haney House.
Haney House
I grew up in Haney, before it was Maple Ridge. I love this town, the place where I grew, playing in the forests and swimming in the Alouette on hot summer days.

Here is a song I wrote while living in England, I was homesick and thinking of all the things that were special to my childhood and youth here in Maple Ridge.  I am so grateful to have grown up here, in the rainforest of my childhood.

I Grew Up In Haney
I grew up in Haney with some friends of mine.
It was a lot smaller then and we had a good time.
From Haney Central up to Maple Ridge High
Well we just had to go.

And we painted the walkways from Junior to Senior
So we wouldn’t get caught in the rain.
And the Beatles were famous and hippies became us
And John F. Kennedy died.

I remember the day the five and dime burned down.
It was all over town, in no time at all.
And when the old Aggie Hall reached the end of the road.
Well we just had to go.

They built the craziest rooftop that you’ve ever seen.
On top of the new five and dime.
And a big skating rink we can use all year round.
Near where the Aggie Hall once stood so proud.

When I was a kid they built the outdoor pool.
And we would go swimming, come rain or come shine.
With a season ticket clutched in my hand.
Well I just had to go.

And the Alouette River so cool and so clear.
Invited us all to come in.
And the lovely big rocks down by Davidson’s pool.
Were perfect for laying back on.

Oh, I grew up in Haney with some friends of mine.
It was a lot smaller then and we had a good time.
Words and Music Pam Carr

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