Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making Things Better, Scripting Life.

Weekends are such a blessing, my time for reflection and recharging.
This morning I picked up my book, Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks and began reading. How inspiring, they talk about the 'scripting process' and this is how it works.
 You pretend that you are a writer and that everything you write will be performed exactly how you write it. Your only job is to WRITE IT. You must describe it in detail, everything exactly as how you would want it to be.
This process helps you get specific, to include detail and thus bring greater clarity to help you understand what you do desire. The longer you focus on something, the more detail you give it and the faster the energy moves. This is so true. You get to a point where you actually feel the momentum of your desire and the Universal Energy pushing things along. You can literally feel when you are on the brink of breaking through, as the dream begin manifesting. Every time magic happens we are surprised. But we know it works and I often wonder why we are surprised. I think it is because many of us were raised to expect to struggle and to not be supported or have the expectation to get what we dream of.
I  am so happy right now. So happy to have the wonderful books available for my snuggly mornings when I can read and journal and dream. To have the time to spend on my dreams and my study of all the wonderful resources out there to help us understand our life here on earth.
I am also blessed to have such a loving family and so many great friends.
So I will take some time this morning to do some 'scripting'.  Manifest Your Desires states that "If you regurgitate your script long enough you begin to accept it as reality; and when you are accepting it in the way you accept reality, the Universe believes it and responds in the same way." I love it.
I first discovered Esther and Jerry by word of mouth from my friend Peggy, who went on a cruise with then to hear the teachings of Abraham. Since then I have watched videos with the inspiring words of Abraham spoken alongside wonderful images. It is all so joyful and positive.
I share these videos as favourites on my youtube channel as I find them so uplifting. My favourite quote is the one about 'going downstream' as that is where you end up anyway. We so often insist on trying to paddle against the current instead of going with the flow.
So here is Esther talking about paddling upstream and how fruitless it is.
Why do we seek to make things 'hard work'. She explains how not going with the flow takes away a joy. You feel wonderful when you dream.

Everyday I try to stop and breathe and remind myself that 'everything happens in Divine right order.' 

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