Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekends Are My Time For Blogging

Working full time as a teacher means I have little energy for blogging week nights. I have also got several blogs, as my interests are varied and I try to feed them all.
I do try to add some videos to my youtube channel on a regular basis. Then there is Violet Femmes, my blog in support of women musicians that I try to keep ticking over.  I am very excited about my newest blog,  Pams Creative Classroom and I look forward to posting pictures of the happenings in my classroom, as well a gems I find in my travels around the internet. This is really a big thing for me as I get to share my philosophy around teaching, learning environments, childrens music etc.

Here are a couple of my students intent on cutting out some Wild Things for our big class picture.

It seems that the weekends are the perfect time for working on my blogs.  Setting them up is always fun, and tweaking the design is always interesting work.
So, as a result I did not go out for a walk as planned and this is not great, although the rain pouring did have something to do with that decision.  Normally I love the rain, but today I just felt so content in my warm little apartment, and decided that it will wait until tomorrow.
I did manage to do my yoga this morning and my meditation as well.  This practice helps me bring balance to my life and is as important to me as my daily journal writing.
It will be interesting to see if another whole week goes by before I get back to this blog.  Let's wait and see, perhaps I have motivated myself to be more diligent.

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