Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Island Life: At Least I Have Electricity

Usually when I come to the island it's for short periods of time. Right now I'm here for the long haul, building the house. Normally I just went  across the road to my friend Carols for my showers. But I decided to try and rig up an outside shower. I found some very sophisticated designs online for outside showers, but decided to go simple.
 On Monday, a very resourceful Island guy called Rudi, came over and helped clear away the embankment by my trailer to make space for an outside shower.  
I wrote more about it on my cob house blog. :-)

So now I just have to hook up the propane powered water heater and I can have hot showers. 

Right now doing dishes is still camping style.

Last time I was here I got a sink and hope to get a temporary kitchen set up outside. That is next. 
I am very happy in my little trailer and so grateful for this opportunity to spend time on this beautiful island and build my wonderful new home.

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