Friday, July 26, 2013

Sitting on the deck, Deer visitors and a Musical Night Ahead

Today was a quiet day. A reflective day. I have decisions to make over who will put in my footings for the cob house. A couple of options have already presented themselves so I'm not worried. Elliot couldn't do it after all. He is moving with a young family. They are off to Nelson and I wish them all the best as he goes on to become a teacher
It was good to have peace and quiet today after all the machinery working on my property over the last three days. Lots of positive stuff happened, I have a new wide accessible driveway, my footings have all been dug, and I have a big pile of rock waiting for the rock foundation. 
Some hard-working young men came to chop up some of my logs that were blocking the way, and they took them away in their truck, giving me a little money for the wood. All good.

Now I'm all dressed up and ready to go and meet my friend Carol and some visitors from Maple Ridge.  We are going  out for dinner at the Springwater Inn.  Then we are off to an open air concert beside the agricultural hall (Ag Hall in local speak). 
I'm sitting on my deck sipping a gin and tonic accompanied by a deer who's having dinner just beside my deck. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow because my friend Rachel is coming over on the   sea taxi from Salt Spring Island for a visit. We haven't seen each other for quite a while.

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