Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Walks and Ferry Rides

The last week I have been on Mayne Island.  I thought I was going to be milling wood, but that was not meant to be. And as usual, it was all for the best.
I had just had a very hectic end of the school year as I was clearing all my personal teaching resources out of the classroom and preparing it for the new teacher. I am taking next year off as I was granted a years long term leave.  
Thankfully my eldest daughter came over and helped take most of the books, puzzles etc to her place as my grandchildren are the perfect age for Letterland etc. I taught Kindergarten/Grade 1 and that is what they will be in next year. I love it!

So school ended on Friday, then I was into analyzing my research for my Masters thesis on Handclapping Games and the informal learning that happens as children engage in them.  I had a deadline as teachers from my school had kindly volunteered to come over on Sunday at 4:00 to view the videos and note their observations on a rubric I was to create. 
Here is a video off youtube, as I can't publish pictures of my students here.

Miracle of miracles, I got it all done and even had time to take a trip to Staples to get a HDMI cable so we could watch all the videos of the children playing on my big screen instead of off the laptop.

Monday was Canada Day and my grandchildren came over for their first ever sleepover at Grandma's. We had so much fun. First we walked down to the Fraser River, saw the train and threw rocks in to see them splash.

Then we saw some fishermen and they actually caught a fist as we watched them. I didn't know you could fish down there.

 Then we walked up to the Dairy Queen and had ice cream and icy water to cool down.
 When they had gone home I prepared to leave for the ferry and things got quite frantic as realtors phoned to show the apartment, and I was leaving, lol. Too much to go into but it was amazing I got to the ferry on time.

Once I hit Mayne Island I realized I really needed to slow down and relax. It was so fortuitous that Lou and I did not do the milling, how things changed and now I am onto plan B, (see Pams Cob House for more details :-))
I was able to just stop and read and reflect and take time. It was interesting how after two days I was thinking I ought to be doing something and I pulled a card that said, if you don't stop and rest now, you will be forced to in time. AHA.  I chose to listen and went for walks and enjoyed the sights and sounds of my little part of the island.
There are so many sweet little cabins and buildings on Mayne Island. Here is one I pass regularly on my walks.
Something very special for me is how close the Mayne Inn is to where I live, it really is my local, lol.
The patio at the Mayne Inn

I popped in there for supper after one of my walks and had some delicious fish and chips. I rarely have dessert, but is was such a hot day, how could I resist the lemon sorbet. It was as refreshing as it looks in the picture.

I did get lots done in the way of co-ordinating the building of the house.  Yesterday I had to head back to Maple Ridge for Doctor and Dentist appointments. Also I have a Pamela Sunshine gig on July 14th at Civic Square in Burnaby. So I headed off to the ferry and I was first in line. 
The ticket man was actually still doing some janitorial duties when I arrived. :-) Anyone who knows me well will be surprised to hear I was actually early!  I was second in line.
It was such a beautiful summer's day and the journey was like a holiday in itself. It always makes me think of my Mum and she just loved the ferry trip over to Victoria.


Relaxing on deck in the sun is part of the beauty of living in BC.

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